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About Me: Sylvia Sasso-Glasberg

I was born and raised in Germany and benefited tremendously from my education in psychology that continued when I came to the US. My educational advancement and professional experience within the cultural differences and similarities of the European and American approach to health, beauty and fitness have given me a broad platform to share with my clientele here at Shaperella. I offer a full spectrum list of services that allow my clients to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life in body, mind and spirit.

Why Me: Degrees & Certifications

Current: Master in Natural Medicine to be followed by a PHD and Doctorate. Quantum University, Hawaii

Past: Certified Nutritionist American Health and Science University, WA
Certified Laser Technician, MA
Certified Biofeedback Technician, Lotus Stress Relief, FL
Certified Stress and Weight Management Cooper Clinic, TX
AFAA and IDEA Certified Personal Trainer

In 2012, I authored a hilariously entertaining and wildly popular book called “The Topless Muffin: Life Between Spanx and Baggy Sweats” about the crazy eating schemes and diet strategies many women attempt while fighting the battle of the bulge. It will make you LOL!

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